Academic Advisement


American Indian Student Services (AISS) caters to student needs by providing academic support, social & cultural engagement, student advocacy, computer & printing access, meeting space, and a study area open to all students attending UNM. AISS Advisors provide academic & financial aid advisement and may assist in identifying applicable scholarships, answer questions about planning class schedules, providing direction with student holds, reviewing student degree plan checklists, and discussing financial aid packages & options. Comprehensive outreach & recruitment initiatives, student leadership development, programming designed to positively influence student persistence & graduation; and strong tribal community partnerships are AISS cornerstones.

  1. Go to
  2. Login with your UNM NetID and Password
  3. To find an AISS advisor
    1. Option 1 - via the Home Page, find American Indian Student Services under the Integrated Advisement section
      1. Click "Schedule Appointment"
      2. Select your preferred Advisor, time, & date
    2. Option 2 - Using "Schedule Appointment" button OR "Advising Offices" tab on the navigation bar
      1. Click "Find Advising Offices"
      2. Find American Indian Student Services, and click "Schedule Appointment"
      3. Select your preferred Advisor, time, & date
        NOTE: LoboAchieve is not able to accommodate same day appointments
  4. Once a time & date is selected a window will pop up containing the important information regarding the advisement session
    1. Scroll down to select your Meeting Type
    2. You can select In-Person or Videoconference 
      Supported Platforms:
      Zoom -
      Microsoft Teams -

      For UNM LEARN support:
  5. Provide a detailed description of why you are making this appointment
  6. Click "Schedule"
  7. Once the appointment is created, a confirmation will be sent to your UNM email

A Degree Plan Checklist is useful to review the courses and requirements remaining until graduation. Many scholarships organizations require a Degree Plan Checklist to ensure that you are making progress toward your selected degree.

Please read the instructions in its entirety. Schedule an appointment via LoboAchieve (see instructions above).

The complete Degree Plan Checklist will be reviewed prior to your appointment. Please be prepared to discuss & make edits during your schedule appointment. Your appointment will be rescheduled if your completed Degree Plan Checklist template is not emailed to the AISS Advisor at least 24 hours in advance. Template and examples provided below.

The process to complete a Degree Plan Checklist:

  1. Download the Word Document "Degree Plan Checklist Template"
  2. Fill out the template starting with most recent semester attending
  3. Enter ALL remaining semesters through your expected graduation semester
    NOTE: Utilize the UNM Catalog, your Lobo Trax Degree Audit, and any available Degree Program Requirements (available through your academic department's website and/or
  4. Your Degree Plan Checklist should adhere to:
    1. Prerequisite order
    2. Semesters courses are offered (example: some courses are offered every semester, while some are offered in Fall OR Spring OR Summer)
    3. Expected semester of graduation
      NOTE: Reference examples for formatting purposes:
  5. Schedule an appointment via LoboAchieve (see instructions above)
  6. Email your completed Degree Plan Checklist to the AISS Advisor you are scheduled with, AT LEAST 24 HOURS in advance of the appointment for review - failure to do so will result in rescheduling of the appointment.

For questions, please call AISS at 505.277.6343 or email


If you are placed on probation by your degree granting college (e.g. College of Arts & Sciences, School of Engineering, College of Education & Human Sciences, etc.), AISS Advisors are available to provide support during your academic probation semester to discuss a strategy for a successful semester – including, but not limited to regular check-in meetings, study plan, and campus involvement. After a comprehensive discussion has been completed, AISS Advisors are able to endorse your Academic Probation documentation. Schedule an appointment with an AISS Advisor via LoboAchieve.


An Advisement hold is typically applied to student’s account to ensure they meet with their respective College/Department Academic Advisor to review semester progress, and discuss/approve the following semester’s course schedule. Colleges & Departments may name their holds differently. To view holds:

  • Login to with your UNM NetID and password
  • Click the "Enter LoboWeb"
  • Select the “Student” tab
  • Click “Registration & Records”
  • Click “Registration (Add/Drop), Course Search, Check for Holds”
  • Enter the “Registration Portal”
  • Click “Check My Registration Status”
  • Select the appropriate term (i.e. Fall 2022) and click “Continue”
  • View your Registration Status for the selected term and any holds

Students with an advisement hold must meet with their respective Department or College Advisor. For example, a student pursuing a degree in Biology must meet with an Advisor from the Biology Department or their designated College of Arts & Sciences Advisor.