The #AISSCampusPartner initiative highlights the work of campus-wide colleagues and the numerous ways they collaboratively engage and assist American Indian Student Services.


#AISSCampusPartner Yadéeh Sawyer is a UNM Alum who’s continued to expand her Lobo journey through her role as Student Success Coordinator & Manager for 1st & 2nd-year student experiences  at the @UNMESSCenter. Her work is focused on making sure there are minimum road blocks to academic success for students & also being a source of empowerment for every Lobo’s true potential. Staying on track to obtain a @UNMEngineering degree requires dedication & hard work and Yadéeh is intent on making a positive difference through collaborative engagement with so many brilliant minds. Throughout the current academic year, she’s been immersed in creating and expanding mentoring, research, and co-curricular opportunities that all #Lobos can access and she’ll do more of the same next year. She’s a big fan of participating in outdoor adventures as a way to de-stress from anything work-related & is especially appreciative when she can share those experiences with friends and family. Round of applause for Yadéeh’s tireless efforts & campus impact!! #UNMRoleModel #StudentSuccess 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏😎🐾🐺


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