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#AISSLobo Zachary Larry (Navajo Nation) is about to become a 2-time Lobo at UNM’s Commencement Ceremony later this week when he receives his Master of Science degree in Public Health with a concentration in Epidemiology! In 2020 he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Population Health with a minor in Psychology as a 1st-generation college student, so pursuing a graduate degree was a natural next step. Currently he’s also a @UNMPublicHealthProgram Graduate Assistant and supports undergraduate & graduate students completing their capstone or practicum fieldwork experience. Zachary plans to establish a career where he’ll be able to address equity issues for marginalized communities which often lie in policies that don’t consider their lived experiences. His hope is to be a conduit between state entities and communities to help establish better health outcomes and access to quality care. His academic life has been supported by several scholarship entities invested in his success: @ONNSFA Chief Manuelito Scholar, Continental Divide, Catching the Dream, and the #UNM College of Population Health Assistantship. Zachary’s made the most of every opportunity to advance his learning by obtaining real-world experience. As a Policy Fellow with the NM Human Services Department, Zachary gained valuable strategic planning, stakeholder engagement, and data analysis skills. While Zachary was a @UNMHospital Policy Analyst, he focused on an effort for high school students interested in becoming community health workers. He says he’s been able to stay motivated with help and support from his family, particularly from his s/hero mother. Zachary also notes, “College is an amazing experience that will open many opportunities for you in this world. It is up to you to decide which path you would like to take.” Congratulations Zachary – we’re so excited to celebrate you and your fellow graduates when you walk across the stage on Saturday! 🎓👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽🤩🐺🐾🎓 #NativesinHealthcare #UNMGrad2023 #GoLobos



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