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#AISSLobo Matthew Salas (Pueblo of Zia) began his 2nd semester as a First-Year student three weeks ago and is continuing to approach his expanding college career with careful thought and lots of enthusiasm! His goal is to utilize everything he learns as a Native American Studies major and Business Administration minor to support tribal communities in the areas of housing, education, preservation and language.  Last semester, Matthew was a member of the American Indian Summer Bridge (AISB) Fall 2022 Experience cohort and also joined Kiva Club, UNM’s oldest Native chartered student organization. His AISB experience provided many opportunities to learn how to best navigate campus and also exposed him to a wide range of useful college life skills. Before becoming a full-time Lobo Matthew was a fellow with Environmental Education of New Mexico, an advocacy-focused movement designed to provide students ways to explore and learn about meaningful environmental education & social responsibility. Matthew shares that being a recipient of his tribal scholarship has made a huge positive impact on his higher education endeavors and he’s grateful for his family, community, and friends for motivating him to do his best. So far, making friends on campus and keeping up with homework is what he’s most proud of (he was named to the Dean’s List for Fall ’22!!) – we think that’s a great start for a #NewLobo that’s destined for greatness!!! #PuebloPride #GoLobos #AISB #CommunityAdvocate #UNM


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