Financial Needs Analysis (FNA)

Financial Needs Analysis (FNA)

What is a Financial Needs Analysis (FNA)?

  • A special form requested by a tribal scholarship organization that provides details of a student’s current financial aid status, awards, and unmet need.
  • The form must be processed by the UNM Financial Aid Office.
  • The following must be met for an FNA to be processed:
    1. Must have submitted a complete FAFSA for the academic year requested
    2. Must have a complete Financial Aid File for the academic year requested
    3. Must be making Satisfactory Academic Progress

To Request a Financial Needs Analysis (FNA):

  1. Go to
  2. Click on "Forms"
  3. Select "2023-2024 Forms" or appropriate aid year
  4. Scroll to the Request and Agreements section and click on "Financial Needs Analysis - ONLINE"
  5. Log in with your UNM NetID and password
  6. Fill out the form with the scholarship organization's information
  7. Sign, and submit.

To request a Financial Needs Analysis (FNA) using a scholarship organization's original FNA form:

  • Submit your scholarship organization's form online by going to
  • Scroll to the Send Your Documents section
  • Read instructions carefully
  • Click "Upload Financial-Aid Forms"
  • Log in with your UNM NetID and password
  • Click "Upload Documents"
  • Fill out the form, select award year, campus, and check "Other"
  • Attach your document
  • Sign, and submit.

Check the status of your Financial Aid File online via LoboWeb

  •  Go to and login using your UNM NetID and password
    1.   Click "Enter LoboWeb"
    2.  Click the "Financial Aid" tab
    3.  Click "Eligibility Requirements"
    4.  Select the appropriate Aid Year (ex. 2023-2024)
    5. View any unsatisfied or missing requirements
  • If you have unsatisfied or missing documents, submit to the UNM Financial Aid Office online by going to
  • Confirm with the UNM Financial Aid Office that your Financial Aid Package is complete.

    **If a student's financial aid file is incomplete, a Financial Needs Analysis (FNA) will not be processed. If awaiting the processing of a Financial Needs Analysis (FNA), feel free to contact the UNM Financial Aid Office directly about the expected date of completion.**