Degree Plan Checklist


A Degree Plan Checklist is useful to review the courses and requirements remaining until graduation. Many scholarships organizations require a Degree Plan Checklist to ensure that you are making progress toward your selected degree.

Please read the instructions in its entirety. Schedule an appointment via LoboAchieve (see instructions above).

The complete Degree Plan Checklist will be reviewed prior to your appointment. Please be prepared to discuss & make edits during your schedule appointment. Your appointment will be rescheduled if your completed Degree Plan Checklist template is not emailed to the AISS Advisor at least 24 hours in advance. Template and examples provided below.

The process to complete a Degree Plan Checklist:

  1. Download the Word Document "Degree Plan Checklist Template"
  2. Fill out the template starting with most recent semester attending
  3. Enter ALL remaining semesters through your expected graduation semester
    NOTE: Utilize the UNM Catalog, your Lobo Trax Degree Audit, and any available Degree Program Requirements (available through your academic department's website and/or
  4. Your Degree Plan Checklist should adhere to:
    1. Prerequisite order
    2. Semesters courses are offered (example: some courses are offered every semester, while some are offered in Fall OR Spring OR Summer)
    3. Expected semester of graduation
      NOTE: Reference examples for formatting purposes:
  5. Schedule an appointment via LoboAchieve (see instructions above)
  6. Email your completed Degree Plan Checklist to the AISS Advisor you are scheduled with, AT LEAST 24 HOURS in advance of the appointment for review - failure to do so will result in rescheduling of the appointment.

For questions, please call AISS at 505.277.6343 or email